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About Unified Technology  


Is your business growing? Has your technology kept pace with your growth? Do you have a support & service plan in place to uncover and fix costly problems before they arise? Can you count on your technology to be available at all times?

No business can afford downtime. You need a computer expert on staff, but it’s just not in the budget. In today’s business environment, you need an edge. Now you have the solution! Let UnifiedTechnology.com be YOUR IT DEPARTMENT. We’ll solve your technological issues while keeping you on track and competitive in your industry.

Our goal is to work with you to meet your needs and ensure that your business stays up and running.

The UNIFIED difference:

We work with numerous manufacturers to provide you with the right solution for your business. Rather than trying to fit you into our products, we work with you to determine your needs then research the best product fit.

When a suitable product is not available we can often design and fabricate one.

Call us today see how the Unified Technology Solution can help your business.

Data and Communications
Structured Cabling Systems
Network Hardware
Network Software

Retail Systems
Phone Systems
Amplification Systems
Surveillance Systems